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About Me

As a multimedia specialist, I have a lifelong interest and love for the creative arts. Armed with a very diverse skill set ranging from graphic design, music, website, video production, and all things in the digital world, I always try to bring a fresh perspective to every project.

During my early childhood, my family and I relocated to Florida. As a teenager, I developed a keen fascination for music, leading me to master the keyboard. Before long, I began creating my own musical compositions and shortly after, established my first band. My musical preferences encompass a wide array of genres, ranging from rock, punk, and industrial, to dance and classical.

I am currently exploring new avenues within the realm of multimedia. My background in music, combined with my enthusiasm for various forms of creative expression, has fueled my curiosity to seek fresh opportunities in this field. Whether it’s collaborating on innovative projects, expanding my skills through new mediums, or discovering novel ways to engage audiences, I am actively open to embracing new horizons within the realm of multimedia.

Web & Graphic Design

The tools and the experience to create high quality web and graphic design.

Audio Production

Over 15+ years of audio producing, mixing and mastering. Never settle.

Video & Animation

Has produced top-notch commercials and video for social media and web.

Full Production Studio

An in-house production studio ready for audio, video, web and graphic jobs.

Here are a few companies I have had the pleasure of providing my creativity to: