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A little Bit About Me

Guy has a lifelong interest and love for the creative arts. Armed with a very diverse skill-set ranging from graphic design, music, website, video production, and all things in the digital world, he always brings a fresh perspective to every project.

Moving to Florida at a young age, Guy had an appreciation for music in his teens, where he joined his first band. They were not very good, but it was a great experience. From that point on he was involved in many music projects and learned a lot about recording studios. He thought it might be fun to be able to have his own studio, so he built it.

Graphic design came later on, when certain needs called for it. Guy has always been the kind of person to take things head on, and if he didn’t know how to do something, he learned how to do it. All of these skill-sets fall within his wheelhouse, but he’s always up for another challenge.

Web & Graphic Design

The tools and the experience to create high quality web and graphic design.

Audio Production & Mastering

Over 15+ years of audio producing, mixing and mastering. Never settle.

Video Editing & Animation

Has produced top-notch commercials and video for social media and web.

Full Production Studio

An in-house production studio ready for audio, video, web and graphic jobs.

“Working with Guy was so easy. I had a few sites that I liked but couldn’t express exactly what I wanted. He was able to take my information, combined with the examples that I offered and design a professional, crisp presence that I am proud to have as my web representation. His creativity and knowledge of the web and how it works has allowed me to reach not only my desktop clientele but design a site that also supports the mobile users I may need to support.”

Kim / KHR Solutions LLC

“I have had the pleasure of working with Guy on dozens of projects. He is a top-notch video production professional who delivers amazing work on time, time after time. His work gets results. Plus, he’s a hell of a guy who goes the extra mile to make his clients happy. He has my highest recommendation.”

George Paiva / Author, Direct Response Marketing and Copywriting Specialist